Christian Heckscher's etched metal creations for Lift Design Inc. and the C|Heckscher Collection are regarded as 3-dimensional art forms with functionality. 

Educated as a fine artist and meticulous craftsman in Belgium, Heckscher has been designing, developing and producing intricate etchings on metal surfaces since 1971, receiving commissions from high-end corporate, hospitality, and residential interior designers and architects in Europe, North America and Asia. 

In 1980, he relocated his atelier in Brussels to the States, where he became recognized internationally as a truly unique artisan who combines a progressive design sensibility with Old World quality craftsmanship.  Heckscher's singular style, personal service, and attention to detail now includes commissions for cruise ships, private yachts and planes from across the U.S. and in the Middle East.

An avid traveler and animal lover, Christian Heckscher's work reflects a visceral understanding and love for the natural world.  His etched designs are inspired by the inherent patterns of life itself, hinting at the rhythmic curves and layers of the sea, earth, and sun, with art that comes alive organically through his light-catching metal etchings. Heckscher's sensitivity to his clients' needs establishes a collaborative, creative process - making each commission unique, and each personally signed by the artist.

Today, in addition to Lift Design's exquisite metal etchings for architectural design, the C|Heckscher Collection offers limited edition fine-art furniture, also created with an emphasis on traditional hand-crafted artistry wedded to modern functional design.  Heckscher's tables, lamps, and sculptural objects exemplify a commitment to making art a part of everyday life.  Each item of furniture can shine alone as the centerpiece of a room  or can be tastefully combined with other etched architectural design elements in a given space.